FTTH design software & on-line Fiber planning - management

Complete FTTH software solutions to design, plan, build and commission FTTH/FTTx networks.

ITSimplicity Solutions BV provides software tools for Fiber planning and network design to perform turn-key FTTH/FTTx projects more quickly and more efficiently. With over 25 years of experience in the Telecommunication and FTTH domain, we are able to offer software solutions that perfectly suit the needs of our clients. Our proven software tools are based on many years of experience and have seen numerous iterations and improvements. We offer the ITS-Software Suite™, which includes NetDesign™ and NetProject™ our network design and planning tools, and our FTTH network optimization tool NetOptimus™. 

Contact us for a 2-month's software trial to create a quick & cost-optimized design including: FREE NetOptimus credits, detailed BoQ, BoM-reporting & project management. (The trial is also including our new web-based fiber planning tool ITS-NetProgress™)

  • Best network designs by complex algorithms
  • Reduce your FTTH engineering time drastically
  • Reduce costs up to 20%, cable & civil works
  • Flexible, great for all FTTH / FTTx projects
  • Based on our project know-how of 25+ years
  • Building blocks simplify the project planning
  • BOQ, BOM & 80+ standard reports
  • Advanced fiber planning tools for P2P & GPON



The ITS-Software Suite™

The ITS-Software Suite™ is a proven software solution to simply: Design, Plan, Build & Maintain FTTH networks. It has been developed within the same project department that has build Telecom projects around the world for 25+ years.

It offers full control over your projects with our network design software and our project management tool:

ITS-NetDesign™: AutoCAD (Map 3D) based FTTH design of OFC networks, our FTTH engineering & planning solution.

Our FTTH design software works with the ease, speed and functionality of regular AutoCAD while allowing for the creation of fundamental & installer-ready detailed network designs. ITS-NetDesign™ is a flexible solution for FTTH / FTTx network design & FTTH engineering.

FTTH design Map3D

  • Easy to learn
  • Easy modelling of network concepts
  • Easy switch from P2P to GPON
  • Automatic P2P and GPON calculations
  • Fast schematics, installer and As-Built designs
  • Automatic costings, cabling and labelling


ITS-NetProject™: FTTH planning, complete Project Management, our extensive network planning tool. 

ITS-NetProject™ is the product of 25+ years' experience in designing, engineering, planning, installing, commissioning and maintaining communication networks. ITS-NetProject™ is an extensive dedicated Windows software, fiber planning tool, for the complete project- and material management of turnkey optical fiber network FTTx / FTTH projects all over the world. This FTTH planning tool offers total process control, including: purchase control, contractors, contracts, release notes, progress reports, project store-management.  

ITS-NetProject™ is also used to get a quick estimate of cost and sales prices, material and labour quantities for concept and detailed network designs.

  • Material management
  • Contract management
  • Project management 
  • Multi user, Client-server application
  • Completely customizable
  • Simple to operate 

FTTH planning


ITS-NetOptimus™: Automatic trench & cable cost optimized FTTH network design & engineering software. 

ITS-NetOptimus™ creates the highest quality FTTH network-designs by using complex optimization algorithms within a user friendly graphical interface.

Cost optimized network designs are made in minutes instead of days. ITS-NetOptimus™ offers substantial benefits in terms of reducing the design, engineering time and OSP / passive fiber optic network building costs (Cost savings are approx. 5 - 10 Euro / home). Direct output to: The ITS-Software Suite™, AutoCAD(Map3D), GoogleEarth & Excel.


FTTH automatic design
  • Direct design output to AutoCAD (Map3D)
  • Direct design output to GoogleEarth & Excel
  • Cost optimized network design 
  • The design is made in minutes
  • Completely customizable
  • Cost savings of up to €10 per home


 ITS-NetProgress™:  Fiber optic network planning software news.. 

For the FTTH project rollout, the planning and building of fiber optic networks, we have just developed a totally new web-based FTTH software: ITS-NetProgress
Which is based on our proven ITS-NetProject software that has been used on numerous OSP Telecom projects.
This new tool will of course create BOQ and BOM reports automatically from the designed Tasks. And it will show all quantities and costs for materials and labor per project\area\task.

Users and user-roles can be created freely.
So, with ITS-NetProgress, management, contractors and others have definable (restricted) access to information regarding a certain network project. This includes, for example, access to contractor-name related release-notes and progress reporting and restrictions on whether prices are visible.

For the project planners and managers:
This new FTTH planning tool has integrated detailed planning functionality per project, area, task and sub-task with dynamic Gannt-chart.
With clear dashboard views per project, the costs and progress are made graphical and are shown in a georeferenced map.
External material catalogs can easily be integrated for accurate Cost calculations, Bill of Materials and Purchase requests.

ITS-NetProgress can be used for the reporting of High-level (conceptual design, technical concept and investment planning process) and the network rollout, using Low-level, detailed, FTTH/FTTX network designs.
The different phases of a project building process are clearly defined and visualized making the application intuitive to use.

ITS-NetProgress is of course material manufacturer and supplier independent.

Detailed information regarding our latest project planning software for FTTH & FTTB can be found at


  • Web-based, in the Cloud, Encrypted
  • Multiple projects in a single account
  • Flexible Roles & Users management
  • Dynamic drag & drop Gantt chart planning
  • Clear Dashboard views of costs & quantities
  • Graphical displays of project progress %
  • High & Low level BOQ & BOM reporting
  • Materials & Labour per project\area\task
  • Direct info on design & installer progress

FTTH planning & reporting


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