New FTTH / FTTX planning document for Turn-key Telecom projects

The documents describes the initial definition of network elements, material and installation units. How to link more than one supplier to each component, how to estimate network / project costs by using simple network building blocks. How to handle FTTH / FTTX projects: material management, product management and project management. It contains a brief explanation of a projects Release and Issue notes, Progress reporting and Purchasing. The documents explains some of the most used quantities and costs reports: BOL, BOM and BOQ and how to create these reports automatically per area / activity or total project.

ITS-NetProject is made for the complete project- and material management of Turn-key telecommunication fibre optics / FTTX / FTTH projects. It is also used to get a quick estimate of cost and sales prices, material and labour quantities for concepts/drafts and detailed network designs. The software can have added value for anybody who has to deal with network engineering & planning, business case calculations and turn-key projects, large and small, urban and rural, business areas, FTTX networks and massive FTTH projects.

Our project management software is the product of 30 years of experience in designing, engineering, planning, installing, commissioning and maintaining communication networks by: NKF (Nokia / Philips) / Draka (Prysmian Group) and their project offices with local staff.