New ITS-NetDesign brochure.

New detailed ITS-NetDesign brochure available for our FTTH / FTTX network design software.

FTTH / FTTX Autocad network solutions with 300+ attributes FTTH / FTTX dedicated parameters.

Automatic labelling / colouring

Dynamic visible text

Customizable system (LISP script, programming):

Customizable: layers, labelling, colouring, symbols, menu's and toolbars

Easy for an experienced Autocad designer

Automatic calculations for the passive FTTH / FTTX network with Autocad:

BOM (Bill of Material), detailed material quantities inclusive % and fixed spares for: losses, slack, splicing length, indoor length etc.

BOQ (Bill of Quantity), detailed quantities for all required: materials, installation & civil works.

Automatic calculations for manipulation points, joints, handholes, cabinets etc:

Number of ports

Number of cassettes

Number of splices

Fibre requirement

Customer / FTU quantities per bandwidth

Easy design switch from P2P to GPON

Best splitter location

Best splitter type

Text in the drawing with splitter type, amount of FTU, fibres etc.

Automatic calculations for cables: Cable type / capacity Active & Passive fibres Dynamic text

Multiple Duct & Micro-duct systems

and much more.........

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