New ITS-Blog: Project planning software in FTTx network planning

We shared an article in our ITS-Blog post series in which we share our knowledge, thoughts or work on current projects in FTTx.

This time: 'Project planning software in FTTx network planning'. 

Summary: Planning the construction of an FTTx network is an elaborate process. In this blog we would like to discuss the use of software to aid FTTx project planning and explain some of the characteristics of ITSimplicity’s dedicated tools. 

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FTTH planning & project management software launch

New FTTH Planning Software and website are about to launch! is going live before the end of November.

This new website is all about our newest state-of-the-art FTTH project planning tool: ITS-NetProgress™.

With our extensive experience in the FTTH / FTTx business, we have developed the ultimate project planning tool specially designed for the planning of FTTx networks.

ITS-NetProgress™ is an online SaaS (Software as a Service) application, making it easy to access your project wherever you are. Within the program you can define access roles and users, you can easily switch between projects, view your progress on the project dashboards and use the Gantt chart planning to schedule your project. This is only a fraction of what you can do with ITS-NetProgress™.

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New ITS-Blog: Open-Source data in FTTx network design

We shared an article in our ITS-Blog post series in which we share our knowledge, thoughts or work on current projects in FTTx.

This time: 'Open-source data in FTTx Network Design'. 

Summary: Amongst recent trends in FFTx network design is the rise of open-source data. While useful for some applications, it’s easy to overuse and encounter problems later on. In this blog post we discuss the possibilities and the pros and cons.

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New web-based planning tool under development

For some months now, our team has been working on a concept for a new, web-based version of our FTTH network planning tool NetProject™. We are proud to announce that this tool is now in development. This application with many new and unique features can be approached securely online via web-address, with data stored on our servers or the client's. This new tool will be compatible with our other tools, but is usable from any desktop or tablet device and adds additional functionality and flexibility for FTTH network construction planning not found elsewhere. Expected release Q4 2018. More details to follow. 

Free definition of existing and new trail types.

NetDesign (Autocad/Map3D) now features the possibilty to: easily define existing, type & owner, and new, trail types.

NetDesign will automatically report the amount of FTTH trail segments (length, type & if existing: the owner).


Free positioning of manipulation points.


The positioning is now simplified. Prior to the automatic FTTH design calculations, fixed or favoured positions can be pre-loaded into NetOptimus.

Furthermore, after NetOptimus designed the network, position changes are simply made or loaded into NetOptimus.

SmallWorld interface/export.

NetDesign (Autocad/Map3D):

All data from any FTTH network design can now be easily extracted with the SmallWorld toolbar.

The data includes all: nodes, manipulation points, trails, cables and fibre connections.

If required for SmallWorld NetDesign will create temporary nodes.

Even if certain nodes do actually not exist in the design (since they have no function in the network) they will be temporarily created and exported to SmallWorld.

Flexible area reporting.

NetDesign (Autocad/Map3D) now offers the area BOQ toolbar.

You can now create any area at any time and create the reporting for this area.

The reporting will show all FTTH labour/installation and material details, quantities and costs.

The splicing schematics creator.

This new and simple to operate tool automatically creates all FTTH splicing schematics for a whole area/city/village in one single batch.

The tool offers settings for: the completely free definition of optical fibre cable types (including: monotube, 12 OF tubes, 24 OF tubes) and language selection.

The schematics will show per manipulation point the sections and positions and per position, the connected cables: type and labelling and live fibre amount, cable-fibre position, tube and fibre colours.

Automatic optical fibre cable selection.

NetDesign (Autocad/Map3D) now automatically recognizes if a OF cable is blown or aerial short-span/long-span or facade installed.

Data preparation and repair simplified.

NetDesign (Autocad/Map3D) can work with all possible existing data (cable/pipe routes and fixed positions). This existing data is typically not perfectly connected/prepared.

If existing data can be used: NetDesign features repair/fix functions and shows where data is missing. These functions can now also automatically run in series. 


Schematic drawing creator implemented.

NetDesign (Autocad/Map3D):

This one click function creates schematic drawings/views with all levels and connections.

This includes all manipulation points, types and labelling from end to end and shows all connecting cables with: type, fibre count, labelling and amount of live fibre.

Reduction of optical fibre cable meters.

Reduction of optical fibre cable meters during the FTTH network planning.

Our new cable combiner functions are now available.

NetDesign (Autocad/Map3D) offers manual & automatic cable combiner functions to reduce the amount of cables during the network planning and design through implementing window-cut connections and / or joints.

The functions include the automatic implementation of project related cable types, the calculation of window-cut splices and the automatic connections and labelling of all related manipulation points and cables.


New documents for aerial network design


New documents for aerial network design are now available.

New documents for aerial network design are now available.

The conversion of GIS data: Buildings, Poles, Road-edge, Centerline, Hydrology etc.
Creating the building entry points
Checking, validating the GIS data
Creation of detailed pole symbols
Creation of poles routes
Cost optimized network design, best cable routing, DP's on pole positions, splitter calculations
Comparing scenario's and network concepts
Reporting of quantities
Design examples in: NetOptimus, Autocad, GIS, Google Earth


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New FTTH design brochure

Our new detailed FTTH design brochure is now available.


ITSimplicity Solutions BV software: simply design, engineer, plan, build & maintain FTTH / FTTX  fibre optic networks.

A Chinese translation of our sofware portfolio document is now made available as PDF document.