FTTH engineering & output

FTTH design & engineering software for the planning and building of FTTH projects

Use our (turn-key) project experience to improve your FTTH engineering & ftth planning

With years of practical design, engineering and planning experience in turn-key projects of all sizes, our knowhow of best-in-class materials and installation techniques allows us to  develop proven FTTH software solutions for the design and planning of OSP FTTH/FTTx networks and offer fast and flexible engineering support. Automation and optimization of the network design process enables users to get future-proof Telecom networks up and running in no time, even when there are sudden changes in plans or customer requirements. Some of our software solutions are free, and available on this website. 

We provide FTTH engineering software for projects all over the world, offering high quality support, for attractive prices. We also support the design & engineering of FTTx, business parks, industrial complexes and more. Feel free to explore some of our reference case studies where we describe the process of designing several types of OSP FTTx networks: urban/rural, cadastral/google earth input data, and ring networks; or read our News and blog post for more information on developments in FTTH/FTTx design and FTTH planning software. 

FTTH design optimized

FTTH design of a city area, automatic network design of 9.983 FTU/homes with 248 distribution points.

Business case support Service

We offer a business case support service in which we help you select the most appropriate technology/network topology for your specific situation to create a solid business case. We have the software to design, engineer and build the FTTH network, right down to creating an accurate Bill of Materials (BoM).

Relying on ITSimplicity Solutions engineering services is a quick and easy way to build a solid business case for the topology and deployment options for your network and to be certain of investing in a robust, future-proof and cost efficient high-performance network.


(Installer ready) FTTH/FTTx network design Engineering SOFTWARE

By using our FTTH software solutions and experience in OSP FTTH/FTTx, both high and low level CAD designs (Autocad Map 3D) with initial estimations of BoQ, BoL and BoM can be made for attractive prices (contact us). 

Using site survey findings, the initial estimations of BoQ, BoL and BoM can be enhanced as part of a detailed / low level design (issues such as the accessibility of existing ducts and poles will then be taken into account). The resulting designs in Autocad (Map3D) are installer ready. Our software solutions provide the detailed network designs: duct-plans, drawings, cable-drawings and fiber schematics.

FTTH design Google Earth

Aerial view of a FTTH network design.

FTTH SOFTWARE: OptimiZed software solutions

By automating, sequencing and simplifying components and processes, our design and FTTH planning software helps analyze and visualize scenarios easily and quickly for engineering both high level and detailed FTTH network designs.

This software is based on years of experience in turn-key Telecom projects and was originally created for in-house use in major Telecom companies. Our turn-key FTTH software tools are commercially available and have seen many successful FTTH/FTTx network launches. The ITS-Software Suite consists of NetDesign and NetProject. NetOptimus, our network optimization tool is optional. All software tools are dedicated and optimized for their purpose. 

  • NetDesign is a CAD-based proven design tool, that is fully customizable for the specific FTTH/FTTx application and allows for real, installer ready designs with all necessary information.
  • NetProject is an extensive SQL-based FTTH planning tool giving full control of the FTTH projects construction, including extensive project management, administration, quantity reporting, supply management and more.
  • NetOptimus will reduce your engineering time drastically and creates the best network designs by using complex algorithms.


Visit our FTTH software page for more information or contact us.


  • Business case support with detailed costs & quantities
  • Network calculations & concept development
  • Designing of high-level networks with optimized network concept
  • Survey / walk-in & walk-out consultancy
  • Detailed, installer ready, cost optimized, low-level network-design creation. Including duct plans and drawings, cable schematics
  • Full engineering output: from data to map to optimized high level design to detailed low level network design. Including BoQ, BoL & BoM quantities reporting, detailed per: area, activity and network level, including fibre schematics.
  • Special FTTx project engineering
  • FTTH network solutions & engineering services for rural areas and local initiatives
  • Turn-key software solutions to: design, engineer, plan, build, document and commission FTTH and FTTX networks. 

Eng NetworkDesignOutput2  

Eng CableDiagram

Output can include: Georeferenced plans (optical and civil), synoptical schemes, splicing schematics, cabinet connection tables, complete BOQ/BOM. 


With ITSimplicity Solutions (ITS) Engineering Services we offer a technology-independent FTTH/FTTx consulting engineering operation. We are available to work with communities, local authorities, and other organisations planning or constructing passive fibre network infrastructures and can assist with initial infrastructure assessments, including calculations on labour and material costs that help to build a convincing business case.

FTTH Project Engineering:

ITS's methodology uses digital area (GIS) maps and digital maps of existing infrastructures as input to its dedicated software technology that has been used to build networks for millions of connections. Following a local site survey, ITS will optimize the FTTH/FTTx network design to reduce construction time, improve efficiency, and deliver the best return on investment.

With our knowledge and expertise, we present more options for the diversity of FTTH communities engaging in their own construction. We are both vendor and technology neutral, using our expertise to design an FTTH/FTTx network that fits customer needs.


Eng FibreSchematics2   Eng BOM


As project output we can also deliver fibre schematics and the Bill Of Material.   

Our Project Vision and Methodology:

In our vision, each FTTH/FTTx network project is unique. Its characteristics depend on such factors as geography, the history of the market, national and local regulation, and more. Many of the variables involved are interconnected; improve one variable and you may compromise another. We can help navigate these waters through our in-depth understanding of the key considerations, best practices in making smart technology choices, and mixing standard cabling products and proven experience with real-world fibre installations.

ITSimplicity Solutions can advise about the best passive FTTH/FTTx OSP network solutions for a certain area, village, town. We look at the big picture, the whole project, the total costs of installation, civil works and optical fiber network materials.

How we work:

A FTTH project is in the basis like every other project dependent on a solid foundation on which the final product can be based. For good optimization and timely commissioning, we believe in running the extra mile during the starting phase of the project, to save time and costs during later stages.

We will always suggest a small pilot project (approximately 500-1000 FTU) to our customers, to test the network concept, technology and design. Furthermore, with modern technologies as tablets and applications like Autocad Mobile (360), site surveys are easy to perform and many errors in the network design can be corrected before construction.

During each phase of network construction, the appropriate BOM and BOQs can be generated using our FTTH software tools.

For several examples of our work, please visit the Case Studies pages. Contact us for more information about our FTTH network engineering services.